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Texting for Nonprofit Program Delivery

Is your nonprofit interested in the potential of text messaging to reach more clients or constituents, deliver services in new ways, or amplify your work? This eLearning course is designed to take you through the questions you should ask yourself before jumping into texting. By the end of these three lessons, you’ll have the information you’ll need to get started implementing your texting program.

Tactical Tech Planning

Does your technology need major upgrades? Where do you start and how do you get the job done on time and on budget? This course will help you spot your organization’s critical technology needs and develop a practical plan for improving your technology infrastructure––even if you don’t have a tech background.  

Cyber Security Basics

Should your organization be worried about cyber security? 

Although you should not live in fear of constant threats, it is imperative to be educated about how best to protect your organization's information. 

Data for Effective Organizations

This course will help you become more knowledgeable about the data you have and the data you need and how to incorporate the data in decision making for your organization.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Need to streamline your organizations communication and collaboration? This introduction to Microsoft Teams will teach you what you need to know as an O365 administrator to set up Teams and your organization successfully.

Compliance Using Microsoft Office 365

This overview of how to set up Microsoft Office 365 will help your organization comply with regulatory requirements and protect your data.

Collaboration Using Microsoft Office 365

If your nonprofit uses Microsoft Office 365, you already have access to Teams—but maybe you don’t know what it’s for or how to use it. This course includes demonstrations of how Teams works and some of its features.  

Azure Basics

This course will help you learn about Azure’s features for cloud application hosting, backup, and recovery. This will help you better consider whether Azure makes sense for a nonprofit organization like yours, discover how much it costs, and what is required to maintain it.

Microsoft 365 Administrator’s Security Toolkit: The Fundamentals

If you are the Microsoft 365 Administrator for your nonprofit or foundation, this course is for you. It will help you get into a security mindset and become familiar with some of the security settings and tools within the Microsoft 365 suite. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Your role as the Administrator in keeping your organization secure 
  • Balancing control and convenience 
  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Least privilege 
  • Defense in Depth approach 
  • Exchange Online Protection 
  • Advanced Threat Protection 
  • Mobile device management 
  • Mobile application management 
  • Encryption 
  • Rights Management 
  • Data Loss Prevention 

Upon completing this course, you will feel more confident managing the security of your Microsoft 365 environment. You will learn some tips and tools to protect your organization’s IT assets and data.  

CRM Software Selection: A Comprehensive Guide

This course guides you through the process for selecting Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Microsoft 365 Administrator’s Security Toolkit: Configuring Security Features

These six lessons, designed to help Microsoft 365 administrators, will help your organization move toward more sophisticated security, authentication, and control of your organization’s data.